Money Bunny Promo
Easter Hunts are a common fun event for many, and the Metroland office is no exception. The previous year there was only the Easter Bunny to find with one grand prize. However, that led to only one winner despite all the active participation. As I was running the event for 2018, I thought it be better to spread fun and prizes by having more things to find and win, the grand prize of the event being a gift card. 48 eggs were hidden, each containing a different number. Each number correlated to a different prize so even when found, it was uncertain what was won, leaving surprise and excitement right up the very end. To make it entirely fair, I had a 'double-bluff' - I stuffed and assigned the eggs, and two other people hid the eggs.

A table was also set up for a potluck of Easter treats and was decorated by myself and another spirit committee member.

To promote the event, I created the above promo using fun illustrations I drew myself and Easter colours.