The Patio
Attached to the main space that hosted The Intermission, a side patio which led to an outdoor garden was also part of the venue. As weather is unpredicatable, the patio could not be used as part of the main show. It could be used as an addition space if the weather was nice however. The patio was used as a student space where the graduates could take a break from all the action inside and get some fresh air. Therefore the place needed to be comfortable and not heavily branded so the pressure of the show could be taken off. Above is a mockup I created of the seating space.

A lot of factors had to be considered when working with the patio. One, as the show was lasting until 11pm, it would be dark out and more light would be needed to see. Yet, as the goal was to have people relax, the light could not be too intense as it would be harsh on people's eyes especially at night. This was solved by using LED tealights. It would give off a soft light source, but would not be a fire hazard. Coasters were considered as people would be drinking, as well as pillows for it gave the space a more casual look.


I also created a map layout of the patio so where our branding items would be implemented could be planned out.


The idea for the pillows, once proposed with the mockup, was also added to the indoor reading lounge that was also being implemented.


The patterns for the pillows were lain out and heat pressed by myself onto the material. My partner for the patio space then sewed all the pillows together.

Also on the patio was a backdrop so students with their family and friends could take a nice photo as indoors was overly crowded which made it hard to take a decent picture inside.