Flyer Distribution Booklet
I was tasked with updating 'A Consumer's Path to Savings' information piece in order to create the Flyer Distribution Booklet, an information booklet used to promote Metroland Media's Flyer services to potential clients, giving them all the information needed for what Metroland's flyer service entails and how successful it is for business.
I had to take testimonals and update it to match the current design and lay the new pages. The title page for the flyer distribution section was created to take a softer impact than the main title page but still a strong enough impact to show a change in content. To do this, I used a solid white background instead of a green one so it felt lighter and more spaceous, but kept the larger font and broad layout to give more impact.
To show the entire area of distribution properly, I had the map across a spread, where you'd turn the booklet to see the full view and proper orientation. All our products were listed underneath by region.