Project Water Certificate
Project Water is an initiative under the charity Engage and Change, that was founded by Jody Steinhauer, the President of the Bargains Group. Project Water donates water, and other summer supplies such as hats, sunscreen and more each year to various agencies who distribute these products in order to help the homeless survive through the hot months without dying from dehydration.

Each year a new Certificate of Appreciation is designed to be given out to the volunteers who helped with the event. I created the certificate template that was used for 2015's Project Water, which occurred on June 24th.

I kept the design simple, strongly featuring both the logo for Project Water and Engage and Change to help promote both of these great initiatives. I broke apart the logo for project water so that the volunteer's name would run along the pool of water. It is because of all these people coming together to help that such a great difference is made - every drop counts.

Want to help out with Project Water? Find out more about Project Water here: http://www.projectwater.ca/.

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