Work at the Bargains Group
At the Bargains Group I worked as a Graphic Design Intern. I worked on promotional material and brand content. The Bargains Group is a Canadian discount wholesaler, offering products for promotion, not-for-profit, and wholesale. Shown here is a sample of the work I did.


Mobile Infographic
At the Bargains Group I created an infographic for one of my supervisors to help promote the branding of electronic and mobile products as it was a growing market the Bargains Group has not been taking full advantage of. I did the majority of the research for the project as well as the graphics, sticking primarily to Canadian facts as that is where the Bargains Group market lies.

The title shown here is a working title to be changed. The colours used in the infographic stick mainly to their brand colours - the red and the orange as the main brand colours, the green which is used as a secondary brand colour. Browns were used to balance the infographic to not overuse the brand colours and to provide proper skin tones for the iconic people.

The infographic was for their in-house TV presentation and for their website. The infographic is currently on their TV while the web version should be coming out soon.

I tried to stay away from standard graphs to make the information more fun to look at, especially for the TV version as it would be something for people to look at while they were waiting, and therefore it should not be too boring. It was also done in such a way to convey more meaning to the information beyond the provided text.


Logo ReDesign
At the Bargains Group I revamped an old logo for my supervisor. There is a lot of promotional products where companies can have their logo branded on its surface. To indicate where the logo would be placed, it is indicated with another logo "your logo here" or "add your logo" or "your logo."

My new design played along a few concepts. The plus sign gave the idea of addition, drawing from math symbols. It also pulled from the idea of uploading an image to the web, as the artwork would be provided from the client sent through the web but also because it suggests that adding your logo to this product is just as easy as uploading a file.


Project Water Certificate
Project Water is an initiative under the charity Engage and Change, that was founded by Jody Steinhauer, the President of the Bargains Group. Project Water donates water, and other summer supplies such as hats, sunscreen and more each year to various agencies who distribute these products in order to help the homeless survive through the hot months without dying from dehydration.

Each year a new Certificate of Appreciation is designed to be given out to the volunteers who helped with the event. I created the certificate template that was used for 2015's Project Water, which occurred on June 24th.

I kept the design simple, strongly featuring both the logo for Project Water and Engage and Change to help promote both of these great initiatives. I broke apart the logo for project water so that the volunteer's name would run along the pool of water. It is because of all these people coming together to help that such a great difference is made - every drop counts.

Want to help out with Project Water? Find out more about Project Water here:


Wholesale Banner
The Bargains Group is currently working on creating a new website to replace their current one, a website that will be responsive and therefore function across multiple devices. Pictured here is a mockup of the wholesale banner that will be at the bottom of their website.

The banner features the line artwork of different wholesale items that can be purchased at the Bargains Group. This line artwork is mainly used for faxed advertisements but is also applied across other mediums, including their website.


Sneaker Photo ReTouch
I had to remove the background for each of the sneaker photos and brighten each of the images. Also, because the beige sneakers had not been photographed I had to Photoshop the blue sneakers to a beige colour using hue/saturation. Then I also had to put the three shoes into an interesting layout together for the website. A lot of products are bought online or inquired about because they have been viewed online so the best impression of each product is important as it is a first impression of quality of each item to the Bargains Group's potential clients.


Lakeland Area Spring Camp T-Shirt
T-shirt artwork was requested for the Lakeland Area Spring Camp. The images they wanted on the t-shirt was a tent, a campfire and a canoe on a lake. Other than that, everything else was up to me. I drafted several versions for my supervisor and the client to choose from. The artwork was all created in illustrator, including the text. I could not find a typeface that matched the rest of the artwork so I created it from scratch, a cheerful and rugged feel to suggest it was fun and exciting to go to the camp.


Promo Images
I created a couple different promo images for the in-house TV presentation to help advertise the products that were available for branding to visitors to the Bargains Group's building.
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