Domestic Violence Against Women Poster, Pamphlet and DPS
The purpose of this project was to create an infographic piece to display the information to those who may benefit from it, in an easily digestible form of a pamphlet. I used the polygon shapes to convey the aggressive, dangerous part of domestic violence but also to draw the readers from panel to panel. On the reverse side of the pamphlet is a fold out poster that highlights the most important information.

Research document for the project can be viewed here.

Topic presentation for the project can be viewed here.

Project process work can be viewed here.


Domestic Violence Against Women DPS
Once the pamphlet was complete, an accompanying DPS was created so viewers could go through information digitally on their tablet. The information conveyed in the DPS is the same as in the pamphlet with a couple additional supporting content. It also takes advantage of the digital medium to convey the information in a less static way than the pamphlet to further understanding of the information.