Scholarship Carriers Promo
Metroland was giving out 8 RESP/RRSP scholarships: 4 to Toronto carriers, 4 to York Region carriers. To make carriers aware of the opportunity, I created two ads, one for each market, to let the carriers know about this contest.

I based the ad design on our previous carrier wanted ads which were designed to enlist carriers to our company so it would be immediately recognized as for our carriers. However, I tailored the original design to fit the new topic and also so it was different enough not to be mistaken as the carriers wanted ad.

I changed the aged newspaper background to a new newspaper to symbolize more recent news. I used a lot of green on the ad as it is our main brand colour and also the symbolic colour of money, the main incentive for the carriers to participate. I included a scroll, a graduation hat, a certificate and money to the original carrier bag to represent the contest prizes. To make it obvious from a glance that this was a contest poster, I used trophies to represent the different prize ranks. Below is the carriers wanted ad I based the scholarship ad upon, designed by another designer at Metroland Media.