Metroland Media Print Ads
Metroland's prime medium is newspaper, so a lot of the advertisers run print advertisements in our community papers, in the region most relevant to their market. We also run our own promotions in our papers to promote our own businesses. Below is a few of them I've designed.

Newmarket Chamber Business Thrives
To encourage advertisers to run ads in the Newmarket paper, The Era, I was told to use stats from the community newspaper impact report to show advertisers how effective advertisements are in The Era.

I stuck with our new branding standards such as the colour, photography style and typeface as it is an advertisement for our own product. I selected two of the most relevant stats - the one on the left proving a lot of the people who get the paper read it, and the one on the right proving that the advertisements have a direct positive effect on their spending habits, giving more business to our advertisers. I chose this particular background image as it shows a newspaper which represents The Era, a pair of glasses which represents our readers, and the computer which represents one direct effect readers report, including going to visit a website.



Scholarship Carriers Promo
Metroland was giving out 8 RESP/RRSP scholarships: 4 to Toronto carriers, 4 to York Region carriers. To make carriers aware of the opportunity, I created two ads, one for each market, to let the carriers know about this contest.

I based the ad design on our previous carrier wanted ads which were designed to enlist carriers to our company so it would be immediately recognized as for our carriers. However, I tailored the original design to fit the new topic and also so it was different enough not to be mistaken as the carriers wanted ad.

I changed the aged newspaper background to a new newspaper to symbolize more recent news. I used a lot of green on the ad as it is our main brand colour and also the symbolic colour of money, the main incentive for the carriers to participate. I included a scroll, a graduation hat, a certificate and money to the original carrier bag to represent the contest prizes. To make it obvious from a glance that this was a contest poster, I used trophies to represent the different prize ranks. Below is the carriers wanted ad I based the scholarship ad upon, designed by another designer at Metroland Media.