Charity Work at Metroland Media
While working as a graphic designer at Metroland Media, there have been many great fundraisers for various charities and causes. Here's a few that I designed promotional material for.

Heart and Stroke Fundraiser
In our office, volunteers went on the Big Bike fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, a group dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. To raise money for the ride, various departments, including the department I work in, initiated different fundraising events including a Bake & Book Sale, a Pancake Breakfast and an Icecream sale. I designed the posters for the Bake & Book Sale.


I created two versions and both went up around the office. The vertical version was styled like a vintage book, with a label containing the 'book title' on it, and images in the background. The images I hand drew, as the exact items being sold at the sale were yet to be determined. I drew various kinds of books and baked goods to communicate all the different kinds of goods that would be there, and also to inspire our bakers in what they could make.


For the horizontal version I kept it simple, laying out the illustrations like the goods would be in the actual Bake & Book Sale - all lined up on a horizontal surface. I limited the amount of text on the poster to the most important, and avoided full sentences if possible so passersby would get all the important information without requiring too much time commitment.

Through all our fundraisers we were able to raise enough money for the Big Bike ride. If you want to find out more about the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Big Bike Fundraiser visit:


United Way 2016 Campaign
Every year three of our offices try to raise money for the United Way, a foundation dedicated to improving lives and building communities, focusing on specific prblems most relevant to each community such as poverty for the Peel region. In previous years, a letter was sent around, a speaker from United Way would come in and the volunteers would collect dontations for the cause through pledges. This year was the first year I joined and to help promote the event I was tasked with creating various posters.

One of the posters advertised what could be won if you pledged - various draws were held with prizes to help encourage donations - another to show how much impact your donation would make, and a third to combat a vicious rumour that was being propagated around Facebook, a lie which stated more money was going to the people working at the charity rather than the people the charity was supposed to be helping. To combat that rumour, on the poster I showed the breakdown of the United Way's spending, showing that their operations and advertising costs were at 20.4%, which is significantly lower than the threshold the Canada Revenue Agency sets at 35%. The rest of their money was invested in the community.

If you want to find out more about the United Way in the peel region visit: