Metroland Media Advertising Campaigns
Some of the clients of Metroland require their advertisements across more than one medium in order to create a heavier impact on their audiences. Below is a few of the advertising campaigns I've worked on.
Cedar Centre Card and Pull Up Banner
The Cedar Centre is an organization that helps people deal with childhood trauma. I created a card and pull up banner for them to promote themselves.
Card (4" x 6")
Pull Up Banner
Pull Up Banner (33" x 81")

Malvern Town Centre Back to School Four Week Campaign
The Malvern Town Centre has been consistantly running advertisements with us for their sales. Their advertisments tend to have a series of sponsors that run at the bottom, along with their own logo. This particular campaign ran for four weeks, covering their Back To School specials that varied each week. For each advertisement, a poster was also made.

The premise behind the design was to make it look like a school notebook, but showing what was on sale each week using that medium such as showing the electronics in photos pasted in the notebook, or the clothes as drawings or stickers. Because it was a campaign, I kept the lined paper theme throughout the whole thing as well as the 'Back to School' image at the top so that it was recognizable from week to week as part of the same set of sales. At the end, because it was the last week of sales, I had the notepaper ripped away to reveal the lockers, symbolizing the start of the school and the end of the sales as the student faces their locker on the first day back to school.

Week One Advertisement
Week One Advertisement, Half Page Advertisement (5.145" x 11.5")
Week One Advertisement
Week One Poster (22" x 28")
Week Two Advertisement
Week Two and Three Advertisement, Full Page Advertisement (10.375" x 11.5")
Week Two and Three Poster
Week Two and Three Poster (22" x 28")
Week Four Advertisement
Week Four Advertisement, Half Page Advertisement (5.145" x 11.5")
Week Four Poster
Week Four Poster (22" x 28")

Malvern Town Centre Summer Advertisement, Poster and Door Decal
For the Malvern Town Centre I also worked on their Summer Sidewalk Sale Campaign. For this campaign, they required a vertical newspaper advertisement as well as a poster and door decal. The final pieces are below.

Vertical Advertisement
Half Page Vertical Advertisement (5.145" x 11.5")
Poster (22" x 28")
Door Decal
Door Decal (14" x 8.5")