NEWS Poster
Between Metroland's Peel and Barrie offices, the Creative teams participated in a contest where they would create a 20"x20" poster for our offices to make our creative spaces less bare and more inspiring. My poster was chosen as the first place winner in this contest.

For my poster I decided to create a piece that would show the large variety of people that make up the Metroland family, including our carriers, drivers, warehouse workers, designers, technicians, managers, human resource staff, accountants, writers, editors, printers, readers, sales representatives, and clients. Instead of showing each group as a person, I used an animal to embody the spirit of each team. The animal characters interact within the landscape, amongst the towers of newspapers that spell out the word 'NEWS,' the prime drive behind our work. I used warm colours to represent the positive energy within our company, and a flower background to show the beauty and growth driven and created by all our teams working together as one.