Design Lab
At Design Lab in York University I worked with several other designers in the design, implementation and production of various projects. I worked on identity, print and web design with my team, communicated and met with clients and managed various aspects of the project.

You can find out more about Design Lab here.


Centre for Automotive Research
Centre for Automotive Research (CAR) at York University is a new centre for research and education at Lassonde School of Engineering. Design Lab was commissioned by the founder Alex Czekanski to create a brand for CAR, applying it across digital and print mediums including business cards, envelopes, letterhead, brochure and website.

To complete the CAR project, we conducted research to educate ourselves about engineering and automotive research. Using this, the identity of CAR was created. We created a wordmark graphic, colour palette, style and associated typefaces. The concept behind CAR was to represent it as a centralized hub that brings together various disciplines and minds. We wished to show the strength of the industry and its forward progression through bold letterforms and gradient blue. Design Lab designed all assets for the project, kept in contact with the client, managed the production with the printer, photographed the pictures for the applications, and managed the overall project.


Department of Design
Every year, the Department of Design at York University creates a new poster to promote the department. The objective behind the poster design is to generate interest amongst new students, encouraging them to apply and enroll. The concept behind the piece is to show how ideas take form through the design medium, as oppose to showing just the final products as was done in the previous posters. Acknowledging the print and digital aspects of design, the poster depicts ideas in the process of taking its final form.